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Wooden Name Badges

Are you in search of a more natural touch for your name badge, coupled with a sustainable material choice? Explore our expanding selection of eco-friendly materials, featuring Bamboo (5mm thick) or alderwood and oak, all responsibly sourced from accredited suppliers.

Personalize your wooden name badge with logos, names, and job titles through our cutting-edge laser engravers or digital printers. The engraving process imparts a subtle burning effect into the wood, creating a nuanced interplay of dark and light, particularly enhancing oak and alderwood badges. Meanwhile, Bamboo badges are best suited for digital printing.

Discover more eco-friendly material options and wood types within our range – just inquire. Let our skilled graphics team bring your unique design vision to life!

Rest assured, your badges are meticulously crafted in Nottingham through ISO-approved processes and rigorous quality checks. Assistance is available at every stage of the process.

Choose a name badge that reflects your commitment to nature, meticulously crafted with care and expertise in Nottingham.

About our badges


  • Eco-friendly bamboo, oak or alderwood supplied from sustainable sources

  • Laser cut to shape, laser engraved or digitally printed, in a font of your choice

  • Tell us what you need, and we'll design your perfect badge 

  • Make badges easy for everyone with user-friendly fastenings: magnet, standard pin or combi-clip.

  • Select a flag design to show off your language skills.

  • Ask us anything – from fonts to fasteners, our expert team is here to guide you.

  • Don't worry about order size - large or small, we've got it.

  • Whether you need 100,000 personalised name badges or a batch of twenty, no quantity or shape, is off limit.

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