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Metal Supertex Name Badges Reusable

Quality meets flexibility, where every hotel, restaurant, hospitality venue, restaurant, bar, club, business, or care home can enjoy the benefits of our high-quality reusable name badges. When you're in the business of delivering up-market products or services, nothing less than the best should suffice, the Supertex reusable name badge system is for you.

Businesses of all sizes can effortlessly access our premium reusable name badges, with our patented Supertex system, enjoy simple and cost-effective name changes, making it ideal for businesses with a huge pool of staff or high staff turnovers. Names are printed on clear adhesive labels from a compatible Brother® labelling machine, allowing for printing on demand and the easy addition and removal of name labels.

Corporate Insignia name badges are made from both aluminium and steel to produce a long lasting, durable name badge. The metal face part of the badge, the carrier is brushed gold or silver, white or can be flood coated to a colour of your choice. Our best-selling Supertex badges use an overlay method, creating a personalised printed tape produced by a Brother P-Touch labelling machine. The patented Supertex name plates can be honeycomb textured or plain with borders to camouflage the tape, whilst ensuring clear visibility of the name.

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About our badges


Our name badges are made from sturdy aluminum and steel, with a coating added for a subtle touch of elegance. The face can be brushed gold or silver, white, or flood-coated in a colour of your choice.

​Consider the immediate impact these superb products can have on your customers, delegates, or staff. Independent research reveals that employees wearing name badges are perceived as more friendly, helpful, and professional by the public. Employees themselves attest that name badges promote a sense of pride and elevate customer care.

Unlock even more possibilities with a range of other products available with the Elite logo, whether you need 58 name badges, 17 lapel pins, 5 tie clips, or 10 pairs of cufflinks, Corporate Insignia is here to meet your individual needs. Elevate your brand with our exceptional reusable name badges and Elite logo products. Together, let's make your badge stand out!

Clear epoxy resin domes are available with some options. Domes add to prolong the life of the badge, as well as enhancing the look

  • Simple and inexpensive name changes with the Supertex system

  • Name badge plates available in gold, silver, white, or bespoke colours

  • Name badge carriers available in gold or silver , bespoke colours available

  • Full-colour printed logos using the latest digital printing technology

  • Elite 3D jeweller-quality metal logos for a truly standout appearance

  • Multiple sizes and styles, with encapsulated pin or magnetic fastening options

  • Fast and efficient service

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