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When you step into a company, attend an event, or visit an institution, you'll often notice individuals donning lanyards to carry their staff passes, IDs, or badges.

At Corporate Insignia, we understand the diverse applications of personalised lanyards, including holding ID passes and photo security passes at events, exhibitions, conferences, and seminars.

Every lanyard crafted by Corporate Insignia is entirely bespoke, tailored to meet your unique requirements. From the material and size to stitching and fittings, we adapt every element to suit you. With each order, we provide a visual impression, and pre-production samples are available, ensuring you have a clear idea of your final design.

Our personalised lanyards come equipped with a trigger clip and safety break-away fittings as standard, with the flexibility to customize according to your specific needs. Explore additional options such as short strap buckle releases, wallet holders, card holders, and pulley reels.

With extensive experience in producing both plain and personalized lanyards for companies of all sizes, Corporate Insignia, the UK's preferred badge maker, invites you to place your order.

The selection


Choose from fully customisable or plain color options, a wide selection of materials, sizes, colors, and fittings, and benefit from high-definition graphics. Pre-printed lanyards, including 'staff,' 'visitor,' and 'security,' are available, along with Pantone color matching. Our unrivaled production methods include 'Dye Sublimation Printed' for a full-color image on the entire lanyard, 'Silkscreen Printed' perfect for spot color logos, woven techniques, and the option of double-layer lanyards for a guaranteed high-quality finish.

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