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Chalkboard Badges 

Our Write on Wipe off (WOWO) system is easy, affordable and creative. Add a fun, casual and personal feel to your name badges and signage by using a variety of chalk markers to quickly and easily decorate these products.


Easy to change for a new employee, just wipe it off. Have a new buffet or deli item? No problem, just wipe it off and re-label your items! The WOWO system is water soluble chalk markers that simply can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. We can print your logo in full colour on your badges ready for you to personalise. Great for name badges, signage, and food identification! 

About our badges

Our Chalkboard badge material can be supplied on its own or mounted on a wooden back for a more artisan look. The wooden backs can be Bamboo, Oak, or Alderwood. Your logo can be printed on the wooden badge back or onto the chalkboard material, which is also available in different colours.

The badges can be wiped clean time and time again are great for those establishments with an artistic or artisan brand or those with a high turnover of staff.   


Chalkboard markers are supplied as standard white or can be supplied in different colours, ask our helpful and knowledgeable customer service staff for advice.  

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