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Lapel Pins

Lapel pins or enamel badges serve as the quintessential tool for promoting and fundraising for your charity, company, school, club, or association. However, their unparalleled effectiveness shines particularly within the hotel hospitality sector, where they stand as the perfect complement to hotel uniforms. Supplied to some of the world's biggest hotel brands, these pins have consistently proven to be an exceptionally successful and cost-effective marketing tool in this industry. 

Customised to your exact specifications, including your name, logo, and design, lapel pins or enamel badges can be tailored to match your unique branding requirements. Available in a myriad of shapes, sizes, and colors, and crafted from a variety of metals, these pins cater specifically to the discerning needs of the hotel hospitality sector. 

Mark any occasion with sophistication using our premium-quality, tailor-made Corporate Insignia badges, crafted to jeweler's standards. Whether it's to motivate employees, reward achievements, or support charitable causes, lapel pins and enamel badges stand as emblematic symbols of recognition and prestige. 


With a minimum order quantity of 100, these badges can be customized with various fastenings such as butterfly pins, cufflinks, brooch pins, tie clips, tie pins, and scarf rings, catering to the diverse needs of the hospitality industry. While there are numerous printing methods available, we highly recommend our Elite logo option, ensuring your logo remains prominent and enduring for years to come. 

About our badges


On the Elite logo part only, we have a minimum order requirement of 100. You could have a mixture of items that can use these Elite logos. 

For instance, you could have 58 name badges (with a mix of pin, magnet, pocket tuck or combi clip and pin fastenings), 17 lapel pins, 5 tie clips and 20 pairs of cufflinks. 

If you want to order 110 or 100,000 you can do this too. Mixing the types of products that use this amazing jewellers quality Elite logo piece. 

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